World Fairs of the 1800's - World Fairs of the 1800's

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1851 London World's Fair

Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace at Hyde Park, London (Getty Museum)

Crystal Palace - Joseph Paxton - Great Buildings Online

Crystal Palace - Wikipedia

Joseph Paxton, Crystal Palace, London, 1850-1851.

Joseph Paxton, Crystal Palace, London, 1851

Lacan and the 1851 World's Fair

A Lighting Model for London's Crystal Palace

Victorian London - Buildings, Monuments and Museums - Crystal Palace

World's Fair Collection- London 1851 Gallery, U of Maryland Libraries

World's Fair Held 1851 - 1860

1855 Paris World's Fair

CEC World's Fair Books- 1855

World's Fair Collection- Paris 1855 Gallery, U of Maryland Libraries

World's Fairs (1855-1878)

1867 Paris World's Fair

Chapter 2 1867
Issac Lamb and the Perry Mitten & Glove Company

Proud Black Horse of the Czars

1873 Vienna World's Fair 

Austrian Information -The Vienna World Fair 1873 - Success or Flop?

The Exhibition Time of Awakening
Young Dr. Freud . Perspectives Culture PBS
The World of Kikkoman

1876 Philadelphia World's Fair

1876 Centennial Exposition
1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition
Buttonarium - World's Fair Expositions - Philadelphia 1876
Centennial Exhibition Digital Collection The Free Library of Philadelphia
Centennial Exposition

Cornell University Making of America

Interesting Ideas Root beer
NGA - Photo Archives Philadelphia Exhibition 1876
Our Lady of Holy Hill
Shape of Victorian waterclosets

1878 Paris World's Fair

Buttonarium - World's Fair Expositions - 1878 Paris Exposition
Educational Value of the World's Fair
Exposition Postcards--1878 - 1921 Inclusive - Expo Post Cards
Gilt Bronze Medal Commemorating Henry Giffard's Giant Balloon. 1878 (Chris Balm Early Aviation & Motoring Items)
Latin American Countries at the 1878 Exposition Universelle
NGA - Photo Archives Paris Exposition 1889
The Paris Exhibitions - Exposition Universelle de Paris
Paris Exposition 1878 Stereo Cards
World's Fair Collection- Paris 1878 Gallery, UM Libraries


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