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SteviesTV Special Reports

Flash Mob - Friday August 8, 2003 5:20 PM CST

Flash Sites

FlashMob.info -Flash Mob News and Information
Satan's Laundromat
Smart Mobs - The Next Social Revolution by Howard Rheingold

Flash Mob News

90% Crud Flash Mob This
Ananova - Flash mobbing hits London
BBC NEWS Technology Smart mob storms London
craighatfield.com Flash Mob
DenverPost.com - Internet-organized 'flash mobs' take strange antics to public places
Flash mob! Boston Common
Flash mob descends on New York toy store
Flash mob descends on New York toy store
'Flash mob' stirs London - smh.com.au
Flash mobs Philly - Burbs.com
Flash mob hits London - Web User News
Flashmob.co.uk New York City - Flash Mob#6 Announced
Gone in a flash: a new form of mob rule hits the streets of Britain
Guardian Unlimited Online Pointless but fun Flashmob phenomenon reaches UK
kottke.org Comment on Minneapolis Flash Mob sounds as right as New York Cow Parade
mobster - a whatis definition - see also flash mob, mobbing
Mob mentality afflicts New Yorkers. 26-07-2003. ABC News Online
my analog life Flash Mob takes Manhattan
Ottawa Flash Mob - Tuesday August 12th - QUACK - Ottawa IMC
Pioneer Press - Flash Mob Mentality Arrives
Slashdot Flash Mobs Peaceable Assembly for Spontaneous Fun
Splatt Projects - Flash Mob or Flash Crowd a new kind of social movement!
Sun-Sentinel People in the News
Tech-savvy pranksters lure strangers via email - theage.com.au
USATODAY.com - 'Flash mobs' stage wacky public stunts
What Mob Scene. Who Strangers. Point None.
The Word Spy - flash mob


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